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It’s Time to Turn to the Basics

It’s Time to Turn to the Basics

With all the hustle and bustle of people competing in fast fashion, it’s time to turn o the basics. Basics are timeless, these fashion come and go, while the basics stay in fashion all year long. Here are the basic essentials of a perfect wardrobe that will help you pair up ay wardrobe without having spent a dime.
White Shirt
A white shirt, preferably a perfectly ironed one, is the most basic piece of any wardrobe. It will become the anchor piece of your outfit. You can add a skirt, shorts, or denim and wear it to work. Adding a statement blazer will enable you to wear it casually as well

Biker Jacket/Leather Jacket

A biker jacket or leather jacket is a must to have in your closet. If you haven’t found your perfect leather jacket yet, it’s time for you to speed your search up. Having a great leather jacket is a great investment. Since leather jackets time well with age, you will have a timeless piece in your closet forever.

Denim/jean jacket

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