Every year brings a set of new colors to explore and play with. This year is no different. The color wheel of this year is as bright as is can get with a couple of balancing soft colors, but that’s not why we are here. We are here to talk about the bright colors that are going to woo you off. If you love bold and loud, you are in luck this year.

Mary Gold

Marry gold is the color to wear this year. It’s the color of positivity and optimism. It’s the color to get noticed in. Many known designers like Kate Spade New York, Adeam, and Brandon Maxwell, among others, used Mary Gold in their collections. Their designs had head to toe usage of Mary Gold as well as statement pieces alike.


Amid all the soft and pastel the most vibrant color this year is NEON. Almost all shades of neon are popular this year. However yellow and green stood out big time. Those who are in love with the 80’s punk fashion would find the colors perfect.

Designers have made great designs using neon on jackets, dresses as well as overalls. Most prominent was the Carly Cushnie collection, where the color was used to design flowing but minimalistic dresses.

Living Coral 

The distinct Coral color lies between pink and orange. The color made a grand appearance at the New York runways, which is why you need to hurry up and buy yourself some Coral before the stock runs out. The color is a perfect reminder of sunrises, tropical drinks, and all things beautiful.

The Zero + Maria Cornejo show also incorporated the color in their collection and wooed the audience with the innovative use of Coral.


Think about the eponymous Indian spice making a grand entrance at the fashion runways. Turmeric has many health benefits, and you can now absorb the same healing from wearing this color as well. Every color has its own trait. Orange is fused with health benefits as well. The bright orange is pretty hard to miss and great to explore. The color is great to be paired with blues, browns, and reds.

Having seasonal colors are great; you get to explore more and more colors, see more innovation with different colors, and have a little fun with the colors you have never tried.