Neon for spring and summer is the trendiest colour ever. Whether you are thinking of hitting the beach or just partying out with friends, nothing screams fun better than a neon outfit. However, it’s not for everyone, or rather not everyone can do justice to this amazingly vivid hue. So, we at the Stormdesire have decided to help you get together the best neon outfit ever!

Neon is your ultimate controversial clothing colour, and Stormdesire  is the hub of affordable cheap women’s clothing, so let’s get started.

Neon Green Property Of No One Laser Cut Crop Top – Layla:
Let’s start with our best-seller, you know you can wear neon slips and crop tops with any jeans, but they look super cool if you style them with either white or black jeans. With neon, it’s like go big or go home, but if it’s your first time we suggest you start with something low key neon, and this sexy crop top is perfect to start with.

Neon Orange Senorita Chiffon Ruched Top - Evangeline
If you remember last year’s spring shows, you will easily recall that neon dominated the scene big time; well, that trend is still going pretty strong. Neon gives you a full spectrum of colours to play with, just like this Neon Orange Ruched Top. The best part is pairing this extravagant thing is very easy, wear denim frill shorts or disco cycling shorts to make a statement with your neon top. Black denim jeans will also look super-hot with this bright thing.

Neon Pink Zip Up Cropped Hoodie – Megan:
To all those who think hoodies are only for winters, well the fashion trend disagrees. This neon crop hoodie is the perfect thing for your fitness regimes. Pair this up with cycling shorts and go hiking with your group. You will definitely turn heads when you go running in this. Comfortable yet bold and screaming hot. Pair it with jeans, biking shorts or even pencil skirts and have a blast.

Neon Green Reptile Print Hoodie & Shorts Co-Ord Set – Sasha:
Co-ords are huge this season, combine it with neon, and you have a win-win pair. Did you know that neon can set off your tan gorgeously, so what are you waiting for? Grab this neon pink co-ord two-piece and set off exploring your neighbourhood in style.

Bottom Line:
Neon is super, if you only know how to style it.